Leather Messenger Bag

Leather bags are a popular form of carrying items. Leather is durable, protective, and stylish to carry your personal belongings in style! Leather Messenger Bag comes with many options for the different needs that people have.

The Leather Messenger Bag is very versatile! Its design makes it easy to move around without any hassle or fuss, which is why many people buy this type of bag. The bag can also be used for a laptop and has been considered to be one of the best bags to use.

It comes in many different styles and colors, so you can find the perfect one that fits your style! Leather messenger bags offer the security of a briefcase with some added comfort for those carrying heavy or bulky items. They also have the option of being carried on your arm or over your shoulder. Messenger bags are a great alternative to the traditional briefcase and should be considered for those of you who like this style. You can bulk order these at Wholesale Leather Messenger Bags.

Messenger Bag With 2 Pockets

This bag is the perfect option for someone looking for an aesthetically pleasing bag that will last many years with proper care.

This bag can streamline your personal routine by providing easy access to all of the essentials you might need while in transit.

Unique Feature – 2 Front pockets to keep your essentials.

Material – Top-Grain Buffalo Leather, Genuine Leather

Convertible Backpack Messenger Bag

Leather Convertible Backpack Briefcase Hybrid - Buffalo Leather

This amazing bag can be converted from a messenger bag to a backpack in a breeze.

Would you like to seamlessly transition from home to work or the reverse? If so, this bag has everything you need. It can stand in for your business suit while you sit down and make decisions on the fly, or become your personal assistant-carrying everything from paperwork to magazines.

Unique Feature – Hybrid Design

Material – Top-Grain Buffalo Leather

Messenger Bag with Single Front Pocket

Organizing and carrying folders, gadgets, gym clothes, and other daily necessities have never been simpler with a messenger bag. It is the perfect accessory for anyone who needs protection for their laptop or valuables while on the move.

Unique Feature – Single Front Pocket

Material – Top-Grain Buffalo Leather, Genuine Leather

Full Flap Messenger Bag

Full Flap Leather Bag

For those who need to carry their laptop everywhere they go, this full flap messenger bag is perfect for you. It has 2 padded compartments where you can keep your laptop and other electronics you might have like a smartphone or iPad. The inside of the flap closes up with full coverage to keep everything safe.

The straps are long so you can carry it across your body or shoulder without feeling uncomfortable, while also being adjustable for a more personalized fit.

Unique Feature – Full Flat Front

Material – Genuine Leather

Customer Reviews

“For the price, this is a fantastic messenger bag. The leather feels great and it’s not too heavy. I have an 11-inch laptop which fits snugly in one of the inside compartments with still room for much more.” – Martha B.

“I got this to replace my old leather briefcase after mine was damaged by water when I fell into a lake. This is a great, inexpensive replacement that gets the job done.” – Jacob R.

“I bought this for my husband as an anniversary gift and he loves it. It looks very professional but still casual enough to be used in his personal life.” – Dan P.

“The straps are long so you can carry it across your body or shoulder without feeling uncomfortable, while also being able to access your things without having to take it off.” – Sean S.

“The Leather Messenger Bag is great for carrying my laptop around. I can carry two laptops at the same time since there are so many compartments and pockets in this bag. The Leather feels great and it’s not too heavy.” – Amanda R.

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