**You can include the type of leather, style, size, budget, time, and other details.


We Design and Create Premium Leather Bags For You.

Wholesale Leather Bags Manufacturing

Leather goods are considered one of the most luxurious and elegant products to date. A bit on the pricier side but their longevity makes them a perfect choice for those who look for style and utility both in a bag.

Wholesale Leather Bags is a brand that specializes in producing premium quality leather bags that are made from full-grain and top-grain buffalo and goat leather. Our handpicked leather is then tanned using the most organic method of tanning which is then made into beautiful leather bags by our talented team of artisans who put their love and devotion into making our bags the perfect fit for you.

Our brand deals in all kinds of men’s and women’s bags that range from a simple leather tote bag to duffels which are all made from pure leather. Moreover, we give you the option of getting your bags personalized from us by getting your name or logo embossed on the bag.

Our mission is to make unique bags in a variety of colors that will best suit the needs of our customers since we keep our customer’s preferences in mind. We hope you will enjoy shopping with us and will also recommend our products to your dear ones!

Our Leather Bags Collection

Handmade Messenger Bags Collection

Handmade Leather Messenger Bag
Full Flap Leather Bag
Black Leather Messenger Bag
Leather Messenger Bag - Brown

Two Pockets Messenger Bags Collection

Leather Satchel Messenger Laptop Bag
Leather Travel Messenger Bag
Leather Travel Crossbody Office Bag
Leather Briefcase Messenger Bag for 15 Inch Laptop

Handmade Leather Briefcases Collection

Black Leather Laptop Bag
Leather Convertible Backpack Briefcase Hybrid - Buffalo Leather
Leather Buffalo Briefcase Bag - Brown Handmade
Brown Leather Briefcase Bag

Handmade Leather Backpacks Collection

Leather Laptop Backpack
Canvas Backpack
Buffalo Leather Backpack
Leather Rolling Top Backpack

Handmade Duffle Bags Collection

Leather Travel Duffel Bag - Buffalo Leather
Buffalo Leather Duffel Bag
Buffalo Leather Travel Duffel Bag
Leather Square Duffel Bag

Handmade Buffalo Messenger Bags Collection

Hunter Buffalo Leather Laptop Messenger Bag with 2 Pockets
Buffalo Leather Messenger Office Bag with 2 Pockets
Brown Buffalo Leather Messenger Bag with 2 Pockets
handmade orange buffalo laptop messenger bag 1

Handmade Woman Bags Collection

Women Brown Leather Handbag - Buffalo Leather
Women Leather Gypsy Purse Two Pockets
Women Leather Gypsy Purse Crossybody Bag

Why Buy from Us?

With a lot of options available to buy genuine leather bags all around the world as there are wholesale leather bags UK, India, Italy and China, and many other countries you might wonder why you should buy from us right?

To start with we specializes in only genuine and buffalo leather and our artisans make each bag with a lot of detailing and love so that you can be in love with our final products with just one look. When choosing our products don’t hesitate on the quality you are getting for the money you pay us. Since we are using only top-grain buffalo and genuine leather hence the durability of the bag is guaranteed since only pure leather has this attribute.

So our bags are not just made from pure leather and are beautiful but they are also durable. Our products are modestly priced for the quality of leather provided to you so that you can value for money and not be disappointed with our product or service.

Since we are not using any tanning method involving chemicals hence our products are very environment friendly and made from non-toxic products and methods. When choosing our product we give you the choice of getting it personalized like getting your name or brand embossed in it so that it gets a lot more special for you!!

Our product will reach you swiftly within 3-7 days from the day you place your order. You can track your order ID whenever you want and can also talk to our customer support officer in case you have any difficulty in placing your order.

Products We Manufacture

Leather Bags
A laptop bag is of great importance nowadays especially if you are looking to create a lasting impression on your client or your colleagues. Let’s admit, the type of laptop bags we carry says a lot about one’s interest. A pure leather laptop bag is a very good investment for you since you can easily carry the bag for a longer time without the fear of getting it torn or destroyed. While getting a laptop bag for yourself do remember the size of the bag. A laptop bag should not only be for the laptop it should be spacious enough to carry some other belongings of yours since you will not be carrying multiple bags for keeping other things in place. So it should have multi pockets and zippers where you can keep your notebook, wallet, pens, etc safely plus a bag that has a shoulder strap as well to keep it hanging safely. The most famous colors in laptop bags are black, brown, rusty brown, or orange.
Backpacks are of great use for almost everyone and are used on daily basis for just about everyone since they are lightweight, simple, and handy and are used on daily basis. You can use a backpack to carry your laptops, books, clothing, or any other equipment in it. The backpack should have ample space for your stuff like laptops, books, and other small things in it and carry it over your shoulders. Before buying a backpack it is important to check the front pockets, zippers, and compartments so that it can you can keep your stuff easily in it.
Duffel bag
Traveling for a weekend or any short trip can make suitcases seem very impractical and difficult to carry. In these cases, traveling bags like a leather duffel bag will come in handy and can be used to carry easily for short trips. They are a lot more stylish than a suitcase but before buying a duffel bag it is important to consider a few things especially the requirements of the airline since they have specific instructions regarding these bags. A ballpark figure of 1 or 2 feet wide long is allowed in the airlines.
Leather Tote
A tote bag is a very practical and stylish bag for everyday use. They are very spacious yet very compact and can be used for shopping or work purposes. Since these are compact but spacious so do look for one that has ample space and compartments in it where you can put your stuff in it safely. It comes in various sizes and colors so chose one that best fits your needs and can be carried whole day long.
A handbag purse is a vital accessory in many women’s everyday look as it can be carried on shoulders or as a crossbody bag. Since it is used to carry your belongings and everyday essentials a purse has to be strong, spacious, and elegant as well. A leather purse is not considered sleek and stylish but it has numerous benefits over a simple bag. It is durable, flexible, and can be long-lasting considering the usage the everyday bag has. Plus colors like brown, black, and rusty goes with every outfit and can never go out of style.
Gypsy Bags
A gypsy bag is a type of handbag for ladies but is made from more than just only leather. Usually, these bags have beads and bones in them that make them look very stylish and GYPSY look. A gypsy bag will be smaller in size than a usual handbag but it can hold a couple of everyday stuff of yours.
Handbags are a very important accessory in a women’s attire. A handbag should be spacious and also practical enough to carry the necessary accessories on day to day basis. It should have enough compartments and zippers and pockets in it to hold some of the stuff easily and can be fetched easily when required. A leather hand bag is a good investment for day-to-day purposes as it is durable and looks elegant as well. You can always look for sizes and assorted colors in wholesale leather handbags according to your need so that you can use them optimally.
Crossbody Bags
A cross-body bag is a compact bag that can hold a smaller number of things that you require on an urgent basis. It comes in various colors and you can choose the one that best goes with your need. This bag is a perfect day to evening bag because of its style and practicality. You can hold a couple of things in it and still keep your hands free from holding the bag. A leather cross-body bag is an ideal addition to your handbag accessories since it can be used for both formal and casual occasions.
Messenger Bags
A leather messenger bag is a very versatile and stylish shoulder bag which makes it a very famous and most picked bag when it comes to a person belonging to any age. It can be worn by a professional, student, or any casual user since it is very spacious yet compact and hold your laptops, notebooks, and other accessories easily. It comes in a couple of black, brown, orange and you can always choose it according to your taste and likings. If you have to use this bag for a whole day then it is recommended to buy one which has an adjustable strap to hang it on your shoulders.
Since briefcases are pretty much considered old-fashioned but are still used by many professionals. A Leather briefcase will be a strong one to hold your things easily which will be manageable by you. However, when buying a briefcase chose one that you can hang on your shoulders rather than just holding it by your hands.
A satchel is a smaller bag as compared to a messenger bag since you can’t carry it crossbody and is a bit smaller than the crossbody messenger bag. Nonetheless, it is a very useful bag and can be used for several purposes and be carries easily.
Travel Bags
A travel bag is a small bag designed specifically for short traveling purposes. A leather travel bag can easily be carried on the shoulder and you can travel lightly anywhere you want to go. It has lesser compartments and zippers but many things can be put inside the bag.
Full Flap Bags
A full flap bag has flap coverage which makes it very safe since it is unlikely for the flap to open easily. It has compartments and zippers on the inside of the bag that make it spacious and practical for everyday use.
Rolling Top Backpacks
A rolling top bag is a compact bag that has a rolls down design and is secured by a compression strap in the bottom. It is a versatile and practical bag that has made it famous and has grown popular and has zippers and a compartment inside to put your valuables.
Two in One Briefcase Backpacks
A two-in-one briefcase is a very good option for those who want a briefcase yet want to save the hassle of carrying it with their hands. With a briefcase backpack, you can easily wear it over your shoulders and save yourself the pain of carrying it with your hands throughout. It has the same feature as the briefcase except for the backpack feature that differentiates it otherwise.

Production Process

Wholesale Leather Bags creates unique and handcrafted leather bags for men and women both that are made from the Indian artisans who handcraft these and give a flair to each bag with their personalized touch. We are a manufacturer of leather handbags that range from hobo bags, belt bags, clutch bags, canvas bags to bucket bags, and in addition to handbag makers we also design and manufacture/tan leather and make bag accessories as well.

We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in India and work closely with each artisan to make these soft leather handbags wholesale so that no bag leaves any spot for imperfection.  We take into account the preferences of both men and women and guide our artisans to make the bags accordingly so that the end product best suits your needs.

To avoid intoxicating our environment and not use chemicals we use vegetable tanning to tan our leather that takes a couple of days to manufacture handbag leather as compared to using chrome tanning but doing so makes our leather product all more worthwhile.

Moreover, we are pleased to inform you that we give personalized services to our clients like private label manufacturing, logo designing, or name designing on the bags as per your choice so that you can enjoy our bags.


Since our Unique selling proposition is making goods out of pure genuine top grain buffalo leather hence let us tell you the material used in each bag of ours in detail.

The outer material of the bag is either pure full-grain buffalo leather or top grain buffalo leather and the interior of ours bags is made from high-quality cotton canvas lining that is strong enough to hold the heavy products without giving them any tear or destroying it.

The leather accessories used in the bags like the straps are made from the same leather but are kept adjustable in many cases so that you can tailor it according to your needs. Moreover, the zippers are made from steel meaning they won’t come out or break easily and the buckles on the bags are made from brass which gives the bag a good look and without pressure. Hence, all products used in the making of our bags are high quality and will not break or damage easily.

Wholesale Leather Bags Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I personalize my order?

    Yes, we provide you specialized service to get your bags, zippers type of leather we use, straps, or any accessories personalized in any way you want so that you feel more attached to the bag. It is an ideal way of giving someone as a gift or token of love.

  2. Will my travel bag meet carry-on requirements?

    Yes, we have taken special care in making the travel bags and make them according to the general guidelines followed by airlines around the world so that you can travel with this bag without any difficulty. In addition to this if you have any more requirements you can simply ask us we can get it altered for you.

  3. What is your Return Policy? – 30 days return

    Yes, we give our customers a 30-day return policy in case our delivered product does not meet your desired requirement. Although our products go through rigorous quality control and check hence the defect in quality will be impossible but even if this happens by any chance we are more than welcome to discuss it on call and act accordingly.

  4. How do I care for my leather bags?

    Since pure leather demands a certain protocol for its care hence we recommend using only lotion or cream to clean it and avoid hard things like alcohol or spirit to clean it. Moreover, keep it away from water or any such thing as these can damage the leather. In case if you have any spilling on the inside do not dry it using an air dryer instead of a damp towel to soak the excess moisture from it.

  5. My bag has scratches, is it damaged?

    In case your bag has scratches don’t feel bad that it is damaged since pure leather tends to have scratches. Simply just polish or clean with a lotion and it will be new again!

  6. I see you offer several types of leather. Can I choose?

    Yes, you can choose the type of leather of your choice and make your bag with custom leather chosen by you but we don’t offer all types of leather in all bags so we will have to discuss it with you before deciding on the custom handbag. Moreover, if you wish to get custom-made leather from the list of leathers that we use according to your wish then that is also possible and we will make 100% leather handbags for you.

  7. When will my order ship?

    We dispatch the product in 2 days but the size of the bag and the specific requirements can take time. Our product will reach you within 3-7 days.

  8. How can I become your Retailer?

    If you wish to become our retailer then you will have to send us a detailed proposal telling us your strength and business and MOQ so that we can review it and decide on the action accordingly. Our team does a thorough check and background check so that our name of the brand is not damaged.

  9. Is there a minimum order?

    Yes, 10 is the minimum order size and we can send you the sample as per the discussion done with you.

  10. What are the payment terms?

    For the first couple of orders, we take only advance and then process it accordingly however after several orders we will start to relieve our payment policy according to our experience.

  11. What is the total cost for my order?

    The total cost will be according to the order quantity and the size that will determine the shipping cost since bags take space which will affect the shipping cost and will be charged accordingly.

  12. Do you ship internationally (or to your country specifically)?

    Yes, we ship internationally. When delivering internationally you will be charged according to the shipment cost and taxes etc of that particular company and country. Also, the delivery time will be according to the courier company.

  13. What is the average order turnaround time (or how many days does it take to get from the supplier to the destination)?

    We have the Prime and Standard accounts of DHL and UPS so we ship by air and ship both according to the customer urgency and the willingness to pay for the delivery charges as by ship and air differs. Since the cost differs so does the delivery time which will be 5-7 days by air and 40-45 days by ship.

  14. Do you include your company’s branding on the packaging (and can it be removed)?

    Yes, we do include our company’s branding on all our bags however, if you wish to get it removed and replaced with a customized message or a logo/name then that is possible and we will be able to make a custom bag for you.

  15. What is the delivery method?

    We use to express and standard delivery methods and the customers are given an option to chose their delivery method as per their choice at the time of check-out. However, this will change the overall cost of the delivery charges.

  16. Who pays for customs fees?

    The custom duties have to be borne by the respective buyer.

  17. Who pays for replacement shipping fees?

    In case of replacement, the buyer will have to pay the respective charges through the E-commerce order

  18. Do you provide tracking numbers for delivery/shipment?

    Yes, we provide the tracking ID that is generated after the good has been dispatched from our end. You can track the shipment as per the ID provided to you so that you can remain informed about the bag

  19. How do I make a purchase order?

    Please fill in the form provided above with all the relevant details that are valid and our team will review it and will contact you further for the remaining procedures.

  20. Can you provide discounts/rebates for bulk purchases?

    Yes for bulk purchases rebate is given to the buyer on the wholesale price.

  21. What happens if a product/order doesn’t arrive?

    In case the product doesn’t reach the end consumer due to any unforeseen event then a complete refund is done to the buyer after our respective person from the team follows it up and ascertains the reason for non-delivery. The buyer is compensated for the loss by a full refund.

  22. What happens if you cannot deliver on time?

    If in any case, we are unable to make the product deliver it to you then we take full responsibility for it and refund you the money.

  23. What happens if you cannot deliver on time?

    We do safe packaging according to the quantity and the distance it has to travel to reach the final consumer so that no damage is done to the product.

  24. What type of leather you can use.

    We use only buffalo and goat leather to manufacture our bags.

  25. Can you make the bag using faux/PU leather?

    No faux leather is not used by our company to make faux leather handbags as that is not genuine and durable. We only deal in genuine and top-grain leather to manufacture our bags.

  26. Why should you avoid using Faux leather?

    Faux leather should be avoided since it is not original and is synthetic and thus we don’t make wholesale faux leather bags.

  27. Why leather bags are preferred over other bags?

    Leather bags are preferred over simple bags because of their durability and flexibility and their longevity as compared to bags made from other raw materials.

  28. Is gift wrapping available?

    Yes, gift wrapping is available and is done by our company in case the customer requests it.

  29. Emblem embossing?

    Yes, emblem embossing is done by our company as per the instructions given by the customer since we deal in customized services.

  30. Is your company registered?

    Yes, our company is registered.

  31. Can these be used as corporate gifts?

    Yes, our leather bags are made from premium quality leather that makes them suitable to be used for corporate gifts as well.

  32. How can I submit my design?

    Please fill in the form on the website and submit the handbag design that you want to get made.

  33. Can you replicate a bag I send to you?

    Yes, we can replicate a bag that you want to get designed by us. Our highly skilled workers will replicate it for you.

  34. Are these handmade?

    Yes these are 100% handmade

  35. Does your product smell?

    Our bags do not have any odor since our tanning method uses natural products which results in odor-free products.

  36. What kind of buffalo leather you are using?

    We use full grain and top grain leather

  37. What is the durability of your products?

    Our products are very much durable since it is made from pure leather and pure leather gets more durable as it age.

  38. Are these waterproof?

    Leather bags are water-resistant but not waterproof. So you have will have to keep them away from water spills.

  39. Can you create a bag other than your catalog?

    Yes, we can design any bag according to your design including top handle bag for women, crossbody purse, cosmetic bag, weekend bag, organizer travel bags, leather women bag tote, leather wallets, fanny pack, bucket bag, fashion handbags, leather mini fashion bags, leather shoulder bags, and virtually any other design you choose.

History of Leather

Man discovered the use of leather for clothing and shelter against harsh conditions which dates back to 1300BC when they started to soften the leather and preserve the skin in their methods which were passed down from generation to generation. Vegetable tanning was discovered by ancient Hebrew who used this to make clothing from animal skin.

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**You can include the type of leather, style, size, budget, time, and other details.