Joanna’s Story – How an Audition changed my life?

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I’m Joanna, a singer, a music writer and a composer. This is my story of when I just started my career as a singer.

After completing my college, I took part in various singing competitions but none of them were working for me until one day everything changed and I felt like I was part of something big.

I was loved by the audience, my singing was appreciated for the first time.

How it all started?

My first song

Let’s start with my childhood..

As a child, I loved to sing and dance in front of my friends. My favorite pastime was singing songs from the Disney movies like The Little Mermaid or Cinderella. And when we had some free time at school, I would always make sure that it was taken over by music. Most of our teachers didn’t mind if we sang along to the music.

And I never gave up on my dreams of becoming a singer when I was younger.

My songwriting skills were always appreciated by my friends and family members, but no one ever told me to pursue this as a profession until much later in life so it took some time before I finally decided to go ahead with it!

As time passed, my passion was taken over by higher studies and by the time I finished college, there were no more songs to sing or dance.

But as soon as I started pursuing my dream of becoming a singer and composer, everything just changed for me.

I was accepted in that singing competition and after some tough rehearsals with other participants from different countries around the world, one day we finally performed in front of a live audience and I felt like what we were doing was something big.

The applause, the love they showed me… It just made my day! And since then life has never been the same again: I’m finally pursuing my dreams and making them come true.

On the day of the audition

I was accompanied by handbag that I got from Wholesale Leather Bags, a guitar, and a notebook with my lyrics.

My Leather Handbag and other accessories

I had been practicing on stage for months and I needed to be prepared if something were to happen during the audition in front of judges, who might ask me questions such as: “What are your favorite artists?” or “How would you define yourself?”.

But also because it’s pretty hard not being able to use your phone backstage.

The night before the audition I had just finished my last song for this round, so in a way, everything was already decided and set.

I felt like I couldn’t do anything wrong anymore. And that feeling is something you can only understand if you have been through it yourself!

But what made me feel like I can’t fail is that I now knew exactly what song to sing:

I’m not the same without you.

Donald Fagen

It’s a song about how everything changes when someone leaves, and it also tells us that even if we are sad for a while, life goes on. It was my favorite because it had this sense of hope in its lyrics, even if the melody wasn’t very happy.

So I was really excited to sing it on stage and show everyone what a great thing had happened in my life so far: leaving college for music full-time!

But before that could happen, there were still some preparations left…

When I finally went on to the stage

I was full of anticipation, because for me it felt like a dream come true.

I had been taking singing classes throughout my life and when the moment finally arrived where I could actually show what I am capable of, all those years started to pay off!

It’s not that easy being an artist in this day and age but I have a good feeling about this.

The show was going to be broadcasted live so I had to try my best or else it could have been a disaster for me and my family.

I still couldn’t believe that we, the participants, were able to share our talent with the world. It’s always a privilege to know that people will hear you and appreciate you for who you are.

As I walked on the stage, all of my worries disappeared because this was finally happening!

The bright lights were shining down on me and it felt like a dream come true.

In that moment, everything feels possible as long as I accept myself first before anything else could happen in my life.

How the audition changed my life?

How the audition changed my life?

I realized that it was possible for me to pursue my dreams and make them come true. I’m very grateful to have this opportunity because there are so many people who can’t reach their potential as singers.

The journey is never easy but with the support of friends, family and music lovers, everything will always be worth it in the end.

I fight for the win but came as 2nd.

I came second in the competition but I won in my heart.

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I’m not disappointed at all because this is just the beginning of a new journey for me and I know that one day, I’ll be able to say “I told you so!” when people doubted me.

This is it! It’s time to take charge of your journey with courage and conviction like me!

Be a light to the world. Be someone who inspires others from your journey and never give up because that’s how you’ll achieve big things in life!